Flair and Code First Girls Announce New Research Collaboration

Flair is pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration with Code First Girls.

To achieve our mission of creating a world where all ethnicities can thrive, we recognise the need to explore the relationship between race and other characteristics, including gender. That’s why we’re teaming up with Code First Girls, conducting a survey with their 30k+ members to understand how race impacts their experience of work and everyday life.

This research will be invaluable for organisations looking to prepare for the next generation of women entering the workforce. The findings will be presented in a white paper, alongside practical guidance on how organisations can attract and retain female talent from all ethnic backgrounds.

We are delighted to be working alongside Code First Girls, and we look forward to sharing the outcomes of the collaboration with our respective audiences.

About Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a not-for-profit social enterprise, dedicated to transforming the tech industry by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become developers and future leaders. They run free coding courses for female/non-binary identifying young individuals across the UK and Ireland. Code First Girls also helps organisations to develop more female‑friendly recruitment policies.


About Flair

Flair is a black-owned, people analytics company helping organisations measure and build anti-racist internal cultures. Using Flair’s anonymous survey, dashboard and recommendations, their clients are able to gather the correct data on how anti-racist their culture is. This then guides informed decisions to counter any racial biases that may exist within organisations.


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