6 racial equity tools to power your DE&I program

People Leaders are harnessing the power of technology to spearhead their racial equity strategies.

In fact, a 2022 survey from FLAIR revealed that 77% of business leaders plan to use software to track the yearly progress of their racial equity strategy within the next 12 months.

This is unsurprising, as the right tools and metrics are essential to ensuring organisations are able to track and analyse meaningful progress towards racial equity.

From sourcing and hiring top talent to streamlining HR processes, check out these top 6 racial equity tools to help you drive meaningful change, no matter where you are on your racial equity journey.

6 racial equity tools for change-ready organisations, and what they do


What is it?

DBSquared is a technology that aims to simplify the HR process in workplaces with the end goal of creating pay equity, reducing employee turnover, and streamlining processes that may be eating into an organisation’s productivity.

Key features

The company offers two software solutions that improve their customer’s ROI:

  • A compensation planning and management program to ensure employees are remunerated properly.

  • An electronic, collaborative job description writer that creates automated descriptions in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand.

How it helps promote race equity

DB’s compensation tool is particularly good for organisations with more than 200 employees. Pay equity and competitiveness are determined by this system, which ensures that no one slips through the cracks or is subject to lower pay based on their race.


What is it?

Entelo is a saving grace for inclusive recruiters –– it’s a technology that streamlines the process of sourcing and hiring top talent. From candidate sourcing, through the interview process, right up to the moment of hire, Entelo provides best-in-class managed services for agile recruitment.

Key features

Hiring isn’t just about advertising and interviewing — a truth Entelo knows all too well. But recruiters often don’t have the bandwidth to engage with every candidate on a sufficient level.

Entelo’s recruitment campaigns include creating content and landing pages, advertising the role in multiple places, communicating with candidates through SMS, email, and live chat, and promoting roles on social media.

How it helps promote race equity

Entelo offers customised recruitment plans tailored to an organisation’s specific hiring targets – including diversity campaigns. The technology will help build a targeted talent pool with the best candidates for your open role.


What is it?

As the name suggests, this tool is all about eradicating bias in the workplace. UnBiasIt’s resources allow organisations to recognise and deter potential bias (both internally and externally), then turn this data into a valuable asset to influence future growth.

Key features

UnBiasIt has a three-pronged approach that aims to expose and deter bias within an organisation.

  • A writing app that serves as a real-time solution to flag and prevents bias.

  • A bias alert that continuously monitors employees to alert and deter bias.

  • A data stack that allows leaders to analyse and expose bias.

Organisations have control over the extent to which UnBiasIt tools are used in the workplace –– what you choose to monitor and take action against is an individual call.

How it helps promote race equity

Achieving race equity starts by addressing biases, especially the unconscious ones we may not even be aware we hold. UnBiasIt draws the employees’ and managers’ attention to issues, pointing out the changes they need to make to move toward a more equitable workplace.


What is it?

FLAIR helps leading organisations (inc. The Premier League, EY and the NHS) break down the barriers to racial equity. FLAIR presents employees with a safe platform to share their lived experiences while the data analytics engine uncovers bias blindspots, benchmarks racial equity performance, and generates roadmaps to meaningful action on DE&I.

FLAIR exists to make workplaces more equitable, with the ultimate goal of creating a world where all ethnicities can thrive.

Key features

FLAIR are technology experts who leverage the power of data to beat racial bias in business. This includes:

  • An organisation-wide, anonymous survey to measure inclusion barriers, racial awareness, racist behaviours and racial diversity
  • A racial equity action plan with targeted next steps and details on how to get there
  • Benchmarking against your industry and overtime
  • Expert support from FLAIR's racial equity experts prior to and post-launch

How FLAIR helps promote race equity

FLAIR measures racial bias across your organisation's culture. This enables organisations to:

  • Discover where racial equity exists in your organisation
  • Understand what interventions are needed and how to apply them
  • Demonstrate genuine commitment to racial equity through data-backed action
  • Benchmark against your industry and track your progress over time

>> Watch the video to find out how FLAIR's racial equity platform works


What is it?

Headstart is a recruiting platform designed to help organisations hire the best candidates for open positions. Its purpose is to increase the quality and diversity of hiring by filtering out ineligible applicants and ranking each candidate based on their unique fit for the role.

Key features

Headstart’s product automates the hiring process, reducing the manual work for recruiters. Every candidate is assessed equally — without machine-learned bias –– allowing organisations to uncover hidden talent from diverse backgrounds. Companies that have used Headstart report a 20% increase in female tech hiring and also an increase in ethnic minority hiring.

How it helps promote race equity

The screening feature uses data science to assess every candidate equally to ensure fairness across the board. Time pressures can sometimes push D&I down the priority list, but automated screening software gives you time to uncover diverse, hidden talent that helps you hit your targets.


What is it?

GapJumpers aims to eradicate workplace bias with custom-built software to help organisations ensure their hiring process is just and fair. GapJumpers offers general and bespoke tools that help recruiters and interviewers make better, fairer, talent decisions.

Key features

Working with GapJumpers involves two main steps: diagnosis and blind hiring. First off, they look at your external hiring and internal promotion data to answer questions about the diversity and inclusion already existing in your workplace. Then, they work with you to implement blind hiring — that is, interviewing and hiring candidates without visibly seeing them.

How it helps promote race equity

GapJumpers’ motto — which we should all adopt — is “Performance over Privilege & Pedigree”. Using GapJumpers’ method when recruiting and hiring ensures that organisations are truly getting the best candidate for the job, without letting any unconscious biases get in the way.

And there’s no doubt that blind hiring leads to more diverse teams.

All these tools can provide great value to your organisation, whether you're just starting on your journey to racial equity or you already have a program in place and you're seeking some missing pieces.

As always FLAIR is here to help and if you'd like to chat with us to discuss how we help organisations, we'd love to hear from you.

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