About Us

About Us

At Flair, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. Through our own first-hand experiences, we have a deep understanding of racial issues within UK schools. This makes us exceptionally well-placed to create an effective survey on the topic of racism, asking the right questions in the right way.

The Team

Picture of Nii Cleland, CEO and Co-founder

Nii Cleland

CEO / Co-founder
I went to Haberdashers in Elstree, so I understand the nuances of being an ethnic minority at an independent school. I also worked at Goldman Sachs in Sales for a number of years managing relationships with the world's leading asset managers. I'm glad to now be using these sales skills to make a positive change for society.
Picture of Darrell Coker, Head of Product and Co-founder

Darrell Coker

Head of Product / Co-founder
Over the past three years, I've specialised in gathering insights from young people whilst building a consumer-focused product - so I understand how to create effective surveys that ask students the right questions in the right way. I've seen, first-hand, the importance of putting your community's voice first when making decisions.
Picture of Loren Godefroy, Head of Design

Loren Godefroy

Head of Design
With 12 years experience as a graphic designer and 3 years experience as a UX designer, improving people's life has always been my priority. At Flair, we have a diverse team where everyone feels included. Through my work, I aim to give students and staff the same inclusive experience within schools.
Picture of Joseph Jacobs, Data Scientist

Joseph Jacobs

Data Scientist
Growing up as a member of a minority ethnic group, I am fully aware of how discriminatory approaches can pose a barrier to attainment, achievement and progression. With 7 years experience as a data scientist and researcher in both academic and industrial settings, working at Flair offers me the opportunity to apply my skills as a computer scientist to improve access, participation and attainment for all, especially the under-represented in our communities.
Picture of Mariah Worthington, Marketing Manager

Mariah Worthington

Marketing Manager
I am a Media and Communications graduate who specialised in youth culture in the UK. I am driven in my work by the desire to use my skills and knowledge to create a positive change within society. This year, I have immersed myself in activism and supporting causes including Black Lives Matter by campaigning online and attending peaceful demonstrations. I am a firm believer that change is possible through education, discussion and support.
Picture of Kiki Nartey, Sales Manager

Kiki Nartey

Sales Manager
As an alumna of James Allen’s Girls’ School, I’ve been passionately involved in supporting the school’s aims to promote racial equality and inclusion across the community. With an NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity, I’m able to leverage my specialist knowledge in equality legislation to make a positive impact. I’m excited that my job at Flair helps schools across the country build inclusive cultures.