Who We Are

Architects of change

Technology experts who leverage the power of data to beat racial bias in business. We’re here to help you benchmark performance, find the human truths revealed by numbers and lay the right foundations to measure and progress racial equity.

Driving meaningful action towards racial equity

Our story

We believe what gets measured gets done.

Racial equity is nuanced; it's extremely challenging to find a tangible solution that will create systemic reform, let alone measure progress against it. But we believe that nothing is impossible when you have the right answers to power change.

That’s why cousins, Nii and Darrell, founded FLAIR in 2020, the only analytics company in the market focused on racial equity.

We show the humanity in the numbers. The people behind the statistics. And the way forward to meaningful action.

We are leading the new movement in data-backed action on racial equity. Join us.

Nii-Headshot-final-1_2022-05-12-085243_afxo.jpg Nii-Headshot-final-2_2022-05-12-085257_orjf.jpg
Nii Co-Founder & CEO
Darrell-Headshot-final-1.jpg Darrell-Headshot-final-2.jpg
Darrell Co-Founder & Head of Product
Jessica-S-Headshot-final-1.jpg Jessica-S-Headshot-final-2.jpg
Jessica Talent & People Manager
Ellen-Headshot-final-1.jpg Ellen-Headshot-final-2.jpg
Ellen Inclusion & Racial Equity Lead
Tom-Headshot-final-1.jpg Tom-Headshot-final-2.jpg
Tom VP of Revenue
Carl-Headshot-final-1.jpg Carl-Headshot-final-2.jpg
Carl Senior Software Developer
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Our team in numbers
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Our guiding principles


Pragmatic activists

Making change possible, with practical answers, to the hardest questions.

In a world where racial equity has become inextricably linked to the opaque, corporate rhetoric of diversity & inclusion, FLAIR offers a tangible solution that propels an organisation to action. Where good intentions are paralysed by the scale of change, we help organisations fight the fires of racial inequity, with insight, structure and direction.


Powering the wave

The belief to keep fighting. The energy to keep moving. The ideas that change minds.

Racial equity shouldn’t be tied to a rolling news cycle. This conversation isn’t seasonal, it doesn’t change with the weather. This is a fight worth having, a fight we have to win. But victory will be found in the miles we’re yet to walk.

To keep people on the journey, we need to engage with, and spark, meaningful conversations. Giving guidance and support to DE&I initiatives, whilst offering the focus and acuity to drive racial equity.


Knowledge is progress

Where strong words have failed. Hard numbers can succeed.

We help organisations understand their people; their shared experiences brought to life through data, human truths revealed by numbers. So we can give objective answers to emotive questions.

By removing doubt, we break down the barriers to progress. By enabling a culture of continuous learning - underpinned by tangible evidence - we pave the way for radical change and racial equity.


Architects of change

We harness technology, To free us all.

The right data changes everything. We’re a technology company that reveals human experience & behaviour. Experts in analytics, shaping a better world. We believe in the power of racial equity to create a fairer society, and together, we design and build the potential for meaningful, lasting change.

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