Our Products

Our Products

For Schools

Our anonymous survey product helps schools understand the honest thoughts and experiences of students and staff when it comes to racial issues. We present results via a dynamic dashboard and standalone report that summarises key findings and recommendations.

We have separate surveys for students and staff, covering a range of topics:

  • How ethnicity affects inclusion within school
  • How ethnically diverse your school is
  • How much racism is witnessed at school
  • How well students and staff understand racial concepts
  • Where your school needs to improve on racial issues

For Corporates (Coming soon)

Our upcoming anonymous survey product will help corporates understand levels of: racial inclusion, racial awareness, racial diversity and racist behaviour.

If you are interested in your company becoming a Pioneer Partner for our product launch, book a demo here

We leverage technology to present you with clean visualisations which highlight the key data from each survey. Core to our process is providing unbiased, logic-based recommendations and an easy way of tracking progress over time.

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