Hogan Lovells partners with FLAIR to accelerate progress toward racial equity - FLAIR

LONDON, UK – 19th April, 2022 – FLAIR, a racial equity technology company, today announced it has been selected by global law firm, Hogan Lovells, to measure and progress racial equity across the organisation.

Hogan Lovells will be the first law firm to commit to building a racially equitable culture across their organisation by utilising FLAIR’s data analytics platform. It will be joining over 100 organisations that have selected FLAIR since it launched in 2020, including: The Premier League, BT, Network Rail, EY, and a number of NHS Trusts and educational institutions across the UK.

“Where the FLAIR anti-racism platform differs from other types of data analysis we have undertaken is in developing a unique measure of how people feel”, said Michael Davison, Deputy CEO and Executive Sponsor of Race and Ethnicity at Hogan Lovells employee network.

“We have run focus groups in the past and received valuable feedback which has informed a number of our programmes and priorities to support our goal to improve ethnic minority representation at senior levels. The ability to build on this by running an annual survey and monitor this metric of anti-racism year on year will be invaluable in continuing to accelerate our progress towards our goals.”

By using FLAIR’s tech platform, Hogan Lovells now have the tools and metrics to accurately understand where racial biases lay in their organisation and what the right approaches are to overcome these biases at a cultural level.

“Legal is one sector that has long suffered from a lack of representation, and it’s important for FLAIR to be a part of the solution to drive racial equity in the industry and beyond. By selecting FLAIR’s data-driven approach, Hogan Lovells have demonstrated their ongoing support and commitment to measurement and transparency as they progress towards racial equity. We’re delighted to be supporting Hogan Lovells in achieving our shared goal of progressing racial equity in law and hope to see genuine progress across the legal sector as a result of the partnership,” said Nii Cleland, co-founder and CEO, FLAIR Impact.

The FLAIR platform helps organisations build racially equitable cultures by tracking progress across four key metrics to drive tangible change, including racist behaviours, racial inclusion, racial awareness and racial diversity.

About Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is a bold and distinctive law firm creating valuable solutions for clients around the world, particularly at the intersection of business and government. “Hogan Lovells” or the “firm” is an international legal practice that includes Hogan Lovells International LLP, Hogan Lovells US LLP and their affiliated businesses. For more information about Hogan Lovells, the partners and their qualifications, see www.hoganlovells.com


FLAIR Impact is a racial equity technology company on a mission to create a world where all ethnicities can thrive. Its people analytics tool enables organisations to measure their progress in building racially equitable cultures, giving them the metrics and data to implement the right solutions and tangibly report on racial equity to employees, customers and investors. For more information, visit https://flairimpact.com/

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